Smartanalysis Hints & Tips

Are you aware of all the features available to you on the Smartanalysis system to ensure you stay compliant? The system offers far more than just emailed infringement reports – navigate to the web-based Smart compliance dashboard and you will find a whole host of modules available to help you.

You’ll find all modules are fully explained in the extensive Help Section User Guides:

The new dashboard is fully customizable for an instant overview of download submissions, missing mileage, infringements and much more:

WTD Calendar

Are you making full use of the WTD calendar? You’ll find it in the Tachograph Section under Calendar - Here you can enter holidays, sick leave and other non-tachograph work for drivers for accurate WTD records.

Driver pending files

If you have a new driver start and they are not appearing on your reports, it’s very likely that their download is being held in ‘Pending Files’. Make sure to clear these files manually, as any new downloads for that driver will also be held and not analysed. You may need to call us if you don’t have access to Pending.


You should be receiving your regular reports by email, but you can run as many reports as you want at any time from the reports section:

Please contact us if you require any assistance in getting the best from your Novadata Smartanalysis system.