Standalone Digital Tachograph Analysis Software

CT-TachoTEK Digital Tachograph Analysis Software 

Novadata TachoTEK has long been known as one of the UK's most popular, user-friendly, offline, standalone digital tachograph analysis solutions. Now, the latest edition, CT-TachoTEK is even better, with a host of new features and benefits, backed by exceptionally responsive support for assistance with any technical issues. 

Novadata CT-TachoTEK not only allows you to keep all your data from one or more vehicles on a single standalone computer, but now includes invaluable added features and benefits. 

The software will help you to comply with your O Licence undertakings and stay within legal requirements for downloading your digital tachograph and driver card, analysing the collected data and keeping robust and accurate records. To stay compliant, no matter how large or small your fleet, you must meet each download deadline, and you must keep accurate records which may be inspected by the DVSA or law enforcement agencies. 

To help you with this, we provide solutions for both owner-drivers and larger organisations, to ensure that, whatever size your fleet, you never miss a deadline, can produce accurate records and stay within the rules on digital tachograph use. 

The CT-TachoTEK Company edition features a newly enhanced Working Time report which assists the transport manager in compiling and keeping robust records, and spotting any problems so that they can be addressed swiftly. The software provides a wide range of essential reports which can be customised to suit the organisation’s requirements, so that essential O Licence compliance information can be reported to directors at board level. The latest CT-TachoTEK company edition can also be integrated with the latest in remote download technology, which also includes a vehicle tracking option. 

The CT-TachoTEK Driver edition, designed for owner-drivers and single vehicle fleet operators, now includes a new report for driving without a card, to alert the user to a possible serious infringement problem. It still features 28-day infringement reporting, with invaluable prompts to download the driver card and vehicle unit, so deadlines are not inadvertently missed. 

Click here to view our range of standalone digital tachograph analysis software - CT-TachoTEK.

  • CT-TachoTEK software – Driver edition 
  • CT-TachoTEK software – Company solution 

We also provide complete starter kits for both companies and drivers, which include both the analysis software and a tachograph reader. Click here to view our full range of digital tachograph analysis starter kits.

  • CT-TachoTEK Driver Kit 1              (includes Digivu download device)
  • CT-TachoTEK Driver Kit 2              (includes Digifobpro download device)
  • CT-TachoTEK Company Kit 1        (includes Digivu download device)
  • CT-TachoTEK Company Kit 2        (includes Digifobpro download device)
  • CT-TachoTEK Company Kit 3 -      (Remote Downloading device & subscription)
  • CT-TachoTEK Company Kit 4 -       (Vehicle Tracking & Remote Downloading device & subscription)

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