Tachograph Analysis with Task Manager

Tachograph Analysis that anyone can understand and prevents fines during an inspection.

Other tachograph software seems to be made to put you to work

You're expected to be a tachograph expert! Software should work for you, not the other way around!

Software is of no use to you is you are not 100% sure that you are complying with legislation

Software should aim to make your job easier

What seemed like a good replacement a few years ago may now be due to be replaced

Our new Tachograph Analysis System with Task Manager solves these problems

Automatically receive tasks on your dashboard that tell you exactly what infringements have been made. Get an explanation of what actions are required to comply with your legal obligation. Without thinking for yourself. Without wasting a minute of time. 100% compliant. Scroll down to see how this works!

Step 1

Import tacho data

First it is important that you import your tacho data into the software. This can be done automatically via remote downloading or manually via the websites file upload page.

Step 2

Get tasks on your dashboard

When you have to take action, a task will appear on the dashboard. Each task shows what went wrong and what actions are required. You don't have to be an expert, the software tells you exactly what needs to be done.

Step 3

Discuss it with the driver

After reviewing the mistakes, book a meeting with the driver. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss & record the errors.

Step 4

Print the infringement report

Then you can immediately print a report with all the infringements. You use this report during the meeting with the driver. After explaining the infringements, you have the report signed and upload the report to the task manager.

Step 5

Justify the mistakes

In the task, write down what you have discussed with your driver. Why did it go wrong and what are you going to do to prevent the same mistake in the future?

Step 6

Comply with your legal obligation

When you have completed all the legally required actions, you can mark the task as complete. Congratulations, you have fufilled your legal obligation. Within 1 screen, in as little time as possible, with the least effort. 100% compliant.

If you would like to try our Tachograph Analysis with Task Manager service, please contact us on 01376 552999 or send an email to enquiries@novadata.co.uk.

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