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Transport Manager CPC Road Haulage

If you intend to pursue a career in road haulage management, you will need to gain The Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for Transport Managers. This is the qualification required to hold a Standard Operator Licence for a road haulage business. This is a level 3, Department for Transport recognised qualification which covers both National and International transport operations. 

Also known as Management CPC, the Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) is divided into two assessments; firstly, a multiple-choice paper and; secondly, a case study-based written paper. You must pass both parts in order to qualify, although this does not necessarily have to be at the same time. This is a fairly tough challenge, but our friendly, experienced trainers can help you to acquire the knowledge that you will need to sit your exams with confidence. 

You can now choose one of two options for sitting your Transport Manager CPC exams, for both the multiple choice and case-study modules. As an alternative to sitting paper-based exams at our approved examination centre, you can now opt to take your exams remotely from home. In order to choose this option, you must have a robust internet connection, plus a suitable laptop or desktop computer with a keyboard and forward-facing camera. There will be a choice of additional examination dates for those taking digital exams from home. If you need to take a resit exam, you can also choose to do this from home, providing you have suitable equipment.

  • Benefits

    The Transport Manager CPC qualification is recognised throughout the transport industry and helps to open up a career in road haulage.

    • Holding a Transport Manager CPC qualification demonstrates that you are suitably qualified to act as the nominated transport manager when an organisation is applying for a Standard National or International Operator Licence.
    • Our course equips each candidate with the knowledge required to sit their exams, but also to establish robust and efficient processes which will help you to set up or run an effective, professional road haulage operation.
    • If you also drive professionally, the Transport Manager CPC course can count as 35 hours towards your Driver CPC, allowing you to obtain your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). This will incur an additional fee (see Booking & Information section), but it will save you attending Driver CPC periodic training in addition to your Manager CPC course. Please ask us about this when you book your course.
  • Course Content

    This course will cover all the required knowledge of the legislation and best practice which govern the technical and legal aspects of a modern road haulage operation.

    Among other topics, your course will cover the following:

    • The law applying to businesses and companies
    • Health & Safety
    • Financial management
    • How Operator Licensing works
    • Observing Drivers' Hours regulations and the Working Time Directive
    • Best practice in record keeping to demonstrate compliance
    • Planned preventative maintenance for your fleet
    • Vehicle costing and budgeting
    • Scheduling and timetabling
    • Regular checking of drivers' licence entitlements to drive
    • Correct documentation for international transport
    • Safe loading of vehicles and transit of goods

    This is not an exhaustive list and you can find out more about the areas that will be covered by reading the Skills and Education Group Awards (SEG Awards) Management CPC Road Haulage syllabus in more detail. When booking your course, please make sure that you will have sufficient time before your exam date to study and prepare thoroughly.

    Some candidates choose to study independently rather than attend a course. This is fine, but you must still sit your examinations at an accredited exam centre. A few candidates take more than one attempt to pass, and will therefore need to re-sit their Transport Manager CPC exams. Home study and re-sit candidates are very welcome to sit or re-sit their exams at our accredited exam centre in Braintree, Essex. Please call 01376 552999 to discuss your requirements. 

  • Duration

    Your course consists of 8 days’ tuition, plus one separate examination day. We strongly recommend that you also set aside additional time to revise and to study further on your own, to ensure that you are well prepared for your exam date. Candidates who do this enjoy a much better success rate.

  • Booking Information

    Each day of the course will begin at 8:30am. Please arrive in good time to get started.

    The cost of the course includes your tuition, plus the CPC Manuals that you will need, your exam fees, a light lunch and refreshments during the day. Please note that if any of your course dates fall on a Sunday, we cannot provide lunch, so you will need to bring a packed lunch with you on Sundays only.

    For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us at enquiries@novadata.co.uk

If you would like us to register 35 Hours of Driver CPC periodic training for your attendance at your Transport Manager CPC course, there will be an additional charge of £223.75 (including VAT & DVSA registration fee.)