Transport Manager CPC Road Haulage Refresher 2 day Course

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UK Traffic Commissioners are very keen to see transport managers take part in continuous professional development, which means making time for regular refresher training.

Richard Turfitt, Senior UK Traffic Commissioner, said, "A large number of operators appearing at public inquiry are still ignorant of exactly what is required of a transport manager."

The UK Traffic Commissioners recommend that all transport managers attend a Transport Manager CPC Refresher course every few years, at an approved examination centre for the Transport Manager CPC qualification. Novadata is a Skills and Education Group Awards (SEG Awards) accredited examination centre. 

Who should attend a Transport Manager CPC Refresher course?

If you are in any form of communication with the UK Traffic Commissioners, you should opt for a two-day course. You may, perhaps, have applied to be a transport manager for a specific organisation, have recently changed roles within the organisation, or have been requested by the Traffic Commissioner to undergo refresher training. A two-day course, which allows us to examine best practice in more depth, is usually what the Traffic Commissioner will suggest is most appropriate.

If it is some years since you gained your Transport Manager CPC, or since you last attended refresher training, you may have a lot of ground to make up. A two-day course is the best option as it will allow you to catch up with best practice after a longer break since you last attended any form of continuous professional development. 

If your organisation is under investigation by the authorities, or facing the prospect of a Public Inquiry, you should certainly attend a Transport Manager CPC Refresher course as soon as possible. If you hold a Restricted Operator Licence, you should attend an Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course as a matter of urgency.  

£594.00 Incl. VAT
£594.00 Incl. VAT


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This refresher course provides continuous professional development for transport managers, enabling them to update their knowledge of best practice, supporting them in complying with their transport operator undertakings during the course of their work. 

Novadata trainers help transport managers to understand their role as defined by legislation and applied by the UK Traffic Commissioners and other authorities; and to revise their overall knowledge of the UK transport legislation framework. 

This course can count as 14 hours towards the 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training required to obtain or renew a Driver Qualification Card (DQC.)

This 2 day Transport Manager CPC Refresher course covers many key compliance issues:

Operator Licencing

  • Role of the Traffic Commissioner
  • O Licence undertakings and transport manager's responsibilities
  • Notification of business changes

Drivers' Hours Law

  • Explanation of current rules (EU and GB domestic)
  • Digital tachograph requirements (manual entries, correct record keeping)
  • Discussion of any legislation changes

Driver Management

  • Licence checks
  • Training
  • Disciplinary procedures

Vehicle Management

  • Drivers’ daily vehicle check
  • Regular safety inspections 
  • Maintenance arrangements

Current transport issues

  • Bridge strikes - strategies and best practice for avoiding this serious issue

Compliance Checks & Monitoring

  • DVSA audits and investigations
  • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
  • DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

2 days (14 hours towards Driver CPC)

NB: 1 day courses are also available. 1 day courses are best suited for those who undertake regular professional development training. Contact us for further details and advice as to which best suits your requirements. Call 01376 552999 or email

Courses start at 8:30am, please be early. Light lunch & refreshments are provided.

For more information please call 01376 552999 or email us on