New Driver CPC course - Mental Health & Driving Related Stress

New Driver CPC course - Mental Health & Driving Related Stress

New Driver CPC course - Mental Health & Driving Related Stress

Introducing our new Driver CPC course, Mental Health & Driving Related Stress, which examines the key issue of positive mental health for professional drivers. This approved course, which counts as 7 hours towards periodic Driver CPC training, sheds light on the importance of good mental health, and studies the issue of driving related stress.

This course tackles a traditionally sensitive topic, and encourages candidates to discuss definitions of mental health, exploring the potential stigma associated with mental health issues, and emphasising the importance of recognising and addressing them. It looks at the various categories of mental illness and the contrasting notion of what constitutes good mental health. 

The course covers changes in mood and attitude, and provides insights into how differing emotions and even personality types can affect driving styles. It looks at the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving behaviour and the potential impact of conditions such as ADHD.

It also outlines the ways in which stress and anxiety can contribute to poor driving behaviours, including road rage, and provides a sharp overview of why road rage is so potentially dangerous. 

Suitable for both the Road Haulage and Passenger Transport sectors, this new course provides clear guidance for drivers as to when mental health conditions should be reported to the DVLA, covering both Group 1 and Group 2 licence holders. It outlines a number of more common mental health conditions including anxiety and depression, giving tips on how to recognise them in yourself and other people.

The course explains the working of the DVLA in mental health issues: when to report a mental illness; an overview of the DVLA medical department; and how the DVLA carries out an assessment of a driver with mental health issues.  

This Driver CPC Mental Health & Driving Related Stress course also gives positive advice on how to avoid the most common causes of stress, and maximise good mental health. It examines factors which can contribute positively to a driver’s mental wellbeing in order to promote a best practice driving style.