Driver CPC - Actions After an Accident or Breakdown (incl. Bridge Strikes)

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Driver CPC Actions After an Accident or Breakdown (incl. Bridge Strikes) examines how to maximise the safety of the driver, any passengers or co-drivers and other road users, in the event of an accident or breakdown. This course looks at the most appropriate actions to take when travelling on the UK’s road network, especially on the nation’s motorways and ‘A’ roads. It particularly examines the problem of bridge strikes and how to avoid them. 

£99.95 Incl. VAT
£99.95 Incl. VAT


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  • Gives drivers a clear picture of the potential hazards following an accident or breakdown.
  • Explains best practice when stopped unexpectedly on an A road or motorway.
  • Helps drivers to understand and comply with the law following an unplanned roadside stop.
  • Highlights the issue of bridge strikes, which account for a large number of road transport problems, and looks at strategies and best practice measures to avoid these serious incidents occurring.
  • Helps drivers to act appropriately and confidently if a journey ends unexpectedly.
  • Increases awareness of causes of accidents, helping drivers to avoid and reduce incidents.
  • Counts as 7 hours towards the 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training required to gain or renew a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).
  • Overview of legislation, road types and the Highway Code.
  • Highway Code Rules – breakdowns and incidents.
  • Highway Code and smart motorways.
  • Breakdown reporting; dos, don’ts and documentation.
  • Bridge strikes - avoidance and reporting procedure.
  • Safety equipment actions following breakdown (by road types).
  • Contacting emergency services.
  • Initial First Aid and fire after an accident or breakdown.
  • Tackling vehicle fires, use of fire extinguishers.

1 day (7 hours towards Driver CPC)

Approved course: CRS16142/35

This course starts at 8.30am, please be ready to attend early. Light lunch & refreshments are provided.

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This price includes the DVSA Registration fee of £8.75.

If you recently passed your LGV or PCV driving test, you may need to take Initial Driver CPC training to obtain your first DQC. Check with a member of our team and we can advise you.