Driver CPC - Terrorist Threat & Driver Security


This course aims to make professional drivers in the road haulage and passenger transport industries aware of the threats of terrorism and organised crime, and steps that can be taken to minimise these threats. It emphasises the importance of driver security and the steps which may be taken and processes designed to ensure the safety and security of the driver.

£99.95 Incl. VAT
£99.95 Incl. VAT


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  • Enhances drivers' awareness of various potential terrorist threats to the transport industry.
  • Increases driver knowledge of how to spot suspicious behaviour.
  • Makes drivers aware of measures designed to enhance their own safety and that of the general public.
  • Highlights importance of security checks and outlines how to carry them out.
  • Examines the consequences of not carrying out security checks and failing to act on observed suspicious behaviour.
  • Counts as 7 hours towards the 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training required to gain or renew a Driver Qualification Card (DQC).

How to identify and act on suspicious behaviour:

  • How to identify those engaged in hostile reconnaissance activities
  • Actions to take in the event of threat or attack
  • Outline of the Run Hide Tell protocol

Crime prevention best practice:

  • The difference in threats from terrorism and organised crime
  • The importance of constant vigilance
  • Reporting suspicious circumstances and actual incidents
  • Practical measures for preventing attacks on vehicles
  • The impact of theft or hijack on company, driver and customers

Vehicle security best practice:

  • Drivers' responsibilities and awareness of potential dangers - staying safe
  • Secure parking
  • Standard security checks following overnight parking

The Immigration and Asylum Act:

  • Preventing clandestine passengers; standard checks, procedures and paperwork
  • Penalties for being caught carrying clandestine passengers
  • The role of Border Control authorities

1 day (7 hours towards Driver CPC)

Approved course: CRS14625/35

This course starts at 8.30am, please be early. Light lunch & refreshments are provided.

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This price includes the DVSA Registration fee of £8.75.

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If you recently passed your LGV or PCV driving test, you may need to take Initial Driver CPC training to obtain your first DQC. Check with a member of our team and we can advise you.